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Elizabeth Eiss is a results guru who helps others get work done well. She's an entrepreneur and expert in agile workforce trends or what's known as the 'Gig Economy.' She is passionate about empowering the purpose of service businesses.

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How to Profit From the Gig Economy

Consider the pufferfish. Normally it's a small fish that looks like a tasty snack to predators. Like most prey animals, its first defense is to run away. But when cornered it fills itself up with water rapidly, transforming into a huge, spiky, and rather unappetizing ball. Elizabeth Eiss, founder and CEO of ResultsResourcing, a Manhattan-based online freelance concierge, says small businesses can be like pufferfish with the help of freelancers: adding talent at just the right time can help an undersized organization punch above its weight at a crucial moment.

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Ready, Set, Grit

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Take 80 seconds: Learn how we help you succeed by hiring freelancers!

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Blowfish Effect & the Gig Economy: RR on Forbes Radio!

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Dear Entrepreneur: Small Is Still Beautiful

If you're a small business owner, embracing your small size could be the key to accomplishing more. Small needn't be a stepping stone to the future, it can be its own destination.

Small businesses are collectively booming--they're more numerous, stronger and more profitable than ever before. Here are some reasons why:

  • Technology: cloud technology & apps improve operations, lower costs & make business less risky.

  • Platform Ecosystem: small business can plug into world-class infrastructures to reach customers, talent, systems & financing.

  • Niche Businesses: small business with deep customer knowledge can serve customers with minimal overhead and tools to reach their audience.

  • Freelance Talent: specialized, high caliber talent is readily available through the contingent workforce.

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Grow your business with freelance pros. Here's how podcast.

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Small Business Needs the Human Cloud

Small businesses have the power to transform America. Every day, from street corner to street corner, across the United States, small business owners apply their extraordinary potential to spark competition, drive innovation, build communities and better the quality of life for US citizens.

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The Future of Work

Adopting talent on-demand strategies fosters business agility, according to Ardent Partners, in The Future of Work. Most businesses are starting to hire skilled freelance talent for specialized or short-term work -- and for good reason!

  • Businesses become more agile by "transforming how talent is found, engaged and sourced like the 'on demand' consumer world. "

  • Nimble businesses "balance traditional talent with newer sources of expertise, such as online talent platforms, social media and social networks."

  • A global workforce and online job and networking platforms, have essentially sparked a new era of work -- enabling skilled independent professionals to add tangible
    value to your business on demand (with no add to overhead).
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Address Critical Skill Gaps with On-Demand Expertise

Companies need to find and retain the right experts to ensure long-term viability but 84% are facing critical talent gaps that they're finding difficult to fill internally. Of those surveyed:

  • 88% agree that specialized talent is essential to the long-term viability of their organization

  • 66% agree that the primary barrier to their long-term success is having the right people

  • 55% believe they do not have the right talent in their internal workforce to get the job done

  • Here's the key take-away:
    Organizations need to think holistically about finding talent. Some more innovative companies believe they have everything to gain by incorporating independent experts into their workforce. This 'on-demand, Gig Economy' solution, where skilled experts can work independently and collaboratively, exists outside of traditional staffing models and has the power to transform industries.

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New Ways to GROW your business!

Growth is the biggest benefit to hiring on-demand or freelance talent, according to Spend Matters in a recent article. The skills business teams need today often change before they've produced a single deliverable. The key to growth, is a skills agility that's hard to achieve with the traditional temp/perm talent divide. The prize is capturing scarce talent, moving more nimbly, and positioning your company for growth in fast-changing markets. Here's how:

  1. Quickly move on new opportunities:
    Using on-demand talent to bridge gaps and add capacity helps you move fast. Start by thinking in terms of tasks and results (not in terms of broad roles). Draw from both internal resources and freelance specialists to assemble the best team for the job.

  2. .Try before you commit:
    On-demand talent enables you to pilot new ideas before building them out for the long-term. Also, benefit from the experience of freelance talent who've already completed similar engagements to make better informed decisions about the future.

  3. Obtain hard-to-hire skills:
    Increasingly, the best talent is independent and finding ways to integrate employees and flexible freelancers is good for business agility. Even if hired for a just a short term project, freelance specialists can help you structure new ideas for success that your core team can then execute.

  4. Augmenting core staff with vetted freelance talent is an ideal way to get the skills your business needs to be agile and grow

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